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    A collaborative guide to wilderness survival and adventure.

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    Welcome to Survivapedia, a collaborative resource for survival and adventure knowledge, resources, tools, and entertainment (odd as it is).

    Your membership (free) and content contributions to our community are encouraged. Our mission is to create a broad and deep resource and community for wilderness survival knowledge and outdoor adventure. Pick a topic of interest and dig in. Are you familiar with a location, region, area? Offer some tips to those who may visit. Do you have a great (true) survival story? Share it with the group. Do you want your own fifteen minutes of fame as a true survivor? Post a new video of a survival scenario (please post to YouTube? and link here). Do you have first hand experience on a piece of gear? Write an article.

    Please be patient during this pilot phase. There's a lot of construction left to do. Join the community and help to shape it.

    Coming Soon - The Red Boots Diary

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